Avoiding Home Burglary and Theft

What would you do if you heard someone breaking into your home or garage? We have recently heard some homeowners say that they would be prepared to use a weapon to defend themselves.

While the thought of being confronted by a stranger in your own home is frightening, it is important to understand that how you choose to react could have legal implications. Our advice is to have good security measures in place to reduce the chances of break-ins and establish a good relationship with your neighbours, just in case you need them to assist you or call the police.

While research has shown that a good-quality alarm system is the most effective form of home security, reviewing and improving your home security, doesn’t mean spending large amounts of money.

Some of those improvements might include ensuring that doors and windows are clearly visible from the street and fitted with locks including deadlocks on external doors. Access to your home can be gained through the roof, so you may want to attach hinges and a sliding bolt to the manhole. For sliding doors, a snug fitting block of wood placed in the lower rack of the sliding door can also make it more difficult for intruders to slide the door open far enough to gain entry.

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