Home Safety Holiday Checklist

There are some very important things to do before you go away on holidays.

To deter thieves and vandals, make sure you secure all entry points to your house and sheds, including pet doors and skylights. Remove spare keys hidden outside your house and leave them with a trusted neighbor. Lock all cars if leaving them at home.

Make your home appear occupied by leaving lights and TV sets on timers, turning the ring tone down on your landline phone, and leaving the gardens neat and tidy.

Cancel any home deliveries of newspapers, and put a redirection on your mail with Australia Post. Or get a neighbour to collect your mail from your letterbox. Perhaps put a “No Junk Mail” sign on the box.

Hide valuables such as computers, jewellery and keys, and lock away all ladders and tools.

Ask neighbours to keep an eye on your place, even park their cars in your driveway, and put your garbage bins out and bring them back in after collection.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to advertise their absence on social media such as facebook posts. Set your accounts to “private” or “friends only” and delete followers you don’t know.

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