Marking Your Property

Neighbourhood Watch recommends marking your belongings to identify you as the owner. This deters burglars because they will find it more difficult to sell your items, your property being easily identified as belonging to you if recovered by police.
Make a list of your possessions and mark them using engravers, data dots, UV blue light pens or similar. These tools are available from the NHW Online Shop, or from larger hardware stores.

Not all items are suitable for engraving or marking e.g. jewellery, silverware, collectables, antiques, paintings and furniture. These should be photographed with a ruler or matchbox beside them to assist in determining size.

Mark your property with your driver’s licence number, preceded by the letter ‘T’ (for Tasmania). Or use a code using your initials, date of birth, and the letter ‘T’ (for Tasmania). For example: John Richard Smith. Date of birth: 01/02/65. His personal code would be JRSO1O265T.

If you have any of your marked property stolen, make sure that you tell Tasmania Police the code you have used.

Use stickers available from Neighbourhood Watch to indicate that your property has been marked for easy police identification. Display these stickers in a prominent position on your windows or doors.

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