New Norfolk Neighbourhood Watch


Results of our New Norfolk Safety Poll

In April 2021 we invited people in our town to indicate what concerns them the most with regard to safety in our community.

We asked people to choose from a list of 13 issue types to indicate which ONE (1) was their most pressing issue from their point of view at that time.

The results were not surprising as most people complain constantly about the hooning and motor vehicle thefts/damage occurring on a regular basis. Policing or the lack of, is also an ongoing issue for the community. 

Here are the top 5 issues indicated via the poll:

  1. Hooning: 41%
  2. Policing: 18%
  3. Motor vehicle damage/theft: 12%
  4. Domestic violence: 6%
  5. Dumping of rubbish: 6%

We will continue to address these issues by concentrating our education and delivery of information regarding staying safe, being aware of suspicious behaviours, and keeping our homes and vehicles locked to make theft and burglary more difficult.


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