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This year, White Ribbon Day will be held on November 20th, and is an annual day to raise awareness of family violence. The white ribbon is a symbol of hope and unity to end men’s violence against women.

Violence against women is at epidemic levels in Australia and is the principal cause of homelessness for women and their children.

The key root causes of violence include beliefs reflecting disrespect for women, low support for gender equality and adherence to rigid or stereotypical gender roles, relations and identities. There is no single cause for violence against women.  And this issue affects all of us. 

But there is a solution:

Accepting the status quo is the biggest barrier to change. People who do not believe men and women are equal are more likely to condone, tolerate or excuse violence against women. Change will only happen if you make it happen – If you or someone you know is experiencing family violence, report the matter to the Police. 

Do not put up with such abusive behaviour, for your own sake and that of your children. This White Ribbon Day, make a difference and say:  I will stand up, speak out and ACT to prevent men’s violence against women

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