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Action Against Bullying and Violence

A National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence is to be held on Friday 20th March. It is the day on which many school communities engage in the fight against bullying by promoting anti-bullying messages. This year’s theme is “Take Action Together”.

Bullying is the ongoing and deliberate misuse of power through repeated behaviour that intends to cause physical or psychological harm.  It can have immediate and long-term impacts on those involved, including by-standers.

Teasing and lies are the most common type of bullying behaviour. One in four Australian students between Years 4 and 9 report being bullied at least once every few weeks.  84% of students who were bullied online were also bullied in person. The Day promotes safe and positive by-standing behaviour when children are witness to bullying incidents, as peers play a central role in the bullying process.

Teachers and parents play a key role in modelling appropriate behaviour to students. And a well-managed, integrated, whole-school approach to bullying is most likely to result in sustained positive change in the school and wider community.

To find strategies to help you and your child deal with bullying behaviour go to:

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