New Norfolk Neighbourhood Watch

Calling 000

Although we all hope we never have to use the emergency phone number 000 to call for an Ambulance, the Police or the Fire Brigade, the following might help in an emergency situation.

As soon as your call is connected:

  1. A recorded voice will say: You have dialled emergency triple zero – your call is being connected.
  2. An operator may then ask you what state and town you are calling from.
  3. The operator will ask you whether you require Police, Fire or Ambulance. Sometimes it is not obvious just which service to ask for, but if you explain your situation, the operator will connect you to the right service.
  4. You will then be connected to the service in Tasmania.
  5. The operator of that service may then ask you:
    • Your street name
    • Your house number
    • A description of what has happened
    • Your name (you are not obliged to give your name)
    • Your phone number
    • Other relevant details about what has happened and the number of people involved
  6. If you are calling an ambulance you may also be asked:
    • How many people are injured
    • What is their age
    • Are they conscious
    • Are they breathing
  7. Do not hang up until the operator has told you to.
  8. It is important that you remain as calm as possible and speak as clearly as you can.
  9. If it is not an emergency the correct Police number is 131444.

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