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February Newsletter

The CDV e-hub

Our Connecting Derwent Valley e-hub is a useful website listing local groups and clubs, tourist information and emergency contact details.

Being an easy-to-use platform, community members can access current information about available community services, resources, events and opportunities, investigate government programs, organisations and clubs. Residents can engage with each other as a community, sharing the same information and support systems, and the e-hub is quickly growing into a valuable perpetual tool for use by the community – and a vital first port of call for anyone in need of help or support.

It also provides a conversation space where partners can generate ideas, collaborate and create further partnerships.  The e-hub is a NNNW initiative and goes towards satisfying some of the aims of the Council’s Strategic Plan by addressing the issue of Safety in the Community.

You can find the e-hub at:

Residential burglaries

Burglary from residential premises costs the community more than just money – it causes trauma to the victims who feel violated and unsafe in their own homes.  Security devices such as locks, security cameras and burglar alarms are effective in reducing the risk of burglary, which is lower in neighbourhoods where residents have a strong sense of community and look out for each other.

Unfortunately, once you have been burgled there is a real possibility that it could happen again within a relatively short period of time. Burglars may know that there are additional items of value in a home they have already burgled, and do not see any obvious improvements being made in the security of the home.  They see it as an easy target.  They might also imagine that the goods they took the first time have now been replaced by new items through insurance claims. They might return because they now have a buyer for an item they didn’t take the first time. If a shed was broken into the first time, the same offenders may try to burgle the house on a return visit.  A house that is often empty has poor security and is located in an isolated area is likely to be an attractive target to most burglars.

Keeping this in mind, neighbours are your first line of defence against crime. Get to know them and agree to keep an eye on each other’s homes when you are out or away on holidays.  Consider putting a NHW sticker on your mailbox or in an obvious window – let burglars know your community is keeping an eye out for trouble or suspicious behaviour.  To obtain these stickers, please contact us at:

A Holiday Safety Tip

When you go away on holiday, try to make your home appear occupied in order to reduce the risk of burglary.  Turn down your home phone so burglars can’t hear it ringing for a long time. Consider having your phone diverted to your mobile phone while you are away.

NNNW – Your connection to a safer community.

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