New Norfolk Neighbourhood Watch

Giving Good Descriptions

How’s your memory for details of events and people? Remembering details about people behaving suspiciously might help to protect a friend or neighbour and their property.

Describing People
Try and create a complete picture of the person from head to toe, remembering as many details as you can. Is the person a man or a woman? How would you describe their age group e.g. 15-20, 20-30, 30-40? What you would say about the person’s height, build and clothes. If you got a good look at the person’s face, reporting eye colour, glasses, skin type and hair colour and type is also very useful information.

Reporting anything unusual about the person, including scars, tattoos, or piercings, might help identify them. They may have a very individual way of walking such as jerky movements or limping. If you hear them speak, notice anything unusual such as a stutter or accent.

Describing Vehicles
Reporting the registration, type of vehicle e.g. car, 4WD or van as well as the make, model and colour is a great start. It also important to report distinctive features such as bullbars, roof racks, towbars, artwork, damage or rust, the number of people in the vehicle and where it went.

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