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Hot Water Bottle & Heat Pack Safety Tips

Winter is here and that means products like hot water bottles and heat packs are coming out of storage or being purchased. These products don’t just pose a safety risk if used or stored incorrectly, they can become unstable when used together, or with other products. And they deteriorate with age.

  • Do not place the heated wheat pack on or in bedding. Blankets trap the product’s heat and may cause it to ignite.
  • Allow the wheat pack to cool completely each time before reheating.
  • Ageing causes the organic fillings inside the wheat pack to dry out and become more combustible. If you notice a burning smell, let the bag cool and then dispose of the bag — it is no longer safe to use.
  • Hot water bottles are cheap and also widely used for warmth or to help ease pain but can deteriorate with age and cause severe burns.
  • Don’t overfill or use boiling water in your hot water bottle. Use hot tap water only.
  • Use a fitted cover or wrap the bottle before use, to avoid burns, especially around children.
  • Never leave on one body part for more than 20 minutes. And discard any old bottle if it is very worn or discoloured.

This article comes to you care of Product Safety Australia.

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