New Norfolk Neighbourhood Watch

June 2022 Crime Report

June appears to have been a rather quiet month with fewer incidents to report than usual.

On 3rd June, a building site on Lower Rd appeared to have been entered sometime during the past week, via a rear door which was forced open. Building materials were stolen.

On 12th, a wheelie bin up against a Quarry St residence was set alight, causing some damage to the residence.

On 13th, two males were observed walking up the driveway to a house on Back River Rd and attempting to open a garage door. They ran off before gaining access.

Overnight on 19th June offenders gained entry to residence on Shoobridge Place via a possibly unlocked door. Keys were found and used to enter a vehicle. Cigarettes were stolen, but an alarm activated, scaring the offenders away.

Over the weekend of 18-19th June, access was gained via a window to a building currently being refurbished on The Avenue. Building tools were stolen.

In the early hours of 26th June, a bottle of alcohol was set alight and thrown through a front window of a property on Henry Crescent, causing some damage to a room.

On 27th June, three separate incidents occurred on Kensington St when rocks have been thrown through windows. A suspect has been identified by Police.

Police are anxious to hear from any member of the public who may have witnessed any of the above incidents. Whilst the information you have may seem trivial, it may be the vital clue that Police are seeking to either solve or deter crime, and adds to the evidence Police need to be able to charge someone with an offence. Building sites attract criminals overnight, so keep an ear out for unusual noises and take note of any vehicles casing the area.

Phone Police on 131444 for non-urgent matters, or 1800 333 000 for Crime-Stoppers (

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