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Keeping children out of trouble during holidays

While most parents believe their child would never engage in antisocial behaviour, lack of supervision, structure and boundaries during school holidays can lead some children to push boundaries or even break the law, especially when encouraged by peers.

Children who have been charged with offences during daylight hours do so in the company of friends and for consumable items. Very few actually planned their offences. Most just saw the opportunity (goods left on display, doors and windows left open) while they were roaming the streets looking for something to do. And often they were responding to dares by friends.

So, if your child is allowed to go out while on school holidays, here are some steps to consider:

  • Firstly, agree on times they can be outside while you are not home (and limit extended periods of time). Agree on where they are allowed to go.
  • Notice if your child seems to have excess funds or new items in the house. Investigate further if they tell you they have been “given” or “loaned” something from a friend.
  • Notice if they seem quiet or reluctant to tell you how they have spent their day.

If your kids are misbehaving, hold them accountable just as you would during the rest of the year.

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