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March Newsletter

Our New Police Station is open for business! 
On 25th February, we were invited to attend the Grand Opening of the new Police Station on Bathurst Street, and given a tour of the building. In attendance were staff from the station, dignitaries including the Minister for Police Jacquie Petrusma, Rebecca White MP, Jen Butler MP, Craig Farrell MLC, our new Mayor Michelle Dracoulis, as well as Deputy Mayor Jessica Cosgrove and Council General Manager Dean Griggs. In her speech, Jacquie Petrusma thanked us for attending, and mentioned Neighbourhood Watch as being integral to the systems that keep our community safe.  The new station building is on the same footprint as the previous building and designed to support the needs of police at this point in time, as well as to accommodate future needs considering the growing population of New Norfolk.  NNNW supports anything that makes it easier for the Police Force to function efficiently, and these new premises will do just that. Though not fancy, the building provides a variety of flexible spaces and the necessary facilities to be able to hold team meetings, house apprehended suspects, and store confiscated goods. 

The issue of hooning
Our local constabulary understand that hooning is an issue in this town.  They ask that residents PLEASE REPORT EVERY INCIDENT.  If you think your phone call will not make a difference – that the hooners will have left by the time the police arrive so there is no point – this is not the case.  Please take a moment to call the police on 131 444.  They will collate all reports of such anti-social behaviour and work towards prioritising the issue.  This is the only way things will change – if WE change our behaviour. So REPORT  REPORT  REPORT!

The new DVFaYAN – Update
The newly formed Derwent Valley Family and Youth Action Network have decided to begin their work by focusing on the young people of the region to find out what it is they want and need to remain well and feel connected within the community. In the lead up to Youth Week Tasmania, an Easter-themed event will be held on 2nd April.

More details on this and other events organised through the Network will appear on the CDV and D’FAT facebook pages.

YWT 4th to 10th April
The theme for Youth Week Tasmania 2022 is ‘Youth: Next Gen’ and is the largest single celebration of young people on the Tasmanian youth calendar. YWT provides young people aged 12-25 years with a unique platform to display their talents and skills, express their views and ideas, raise issues of concern, and to actively participate in events to celebrate being a young Tasmanian. D’FAT activities will be advertised on their website and facebook pages and you can contact D’FAT via those platforms. 

Our facebook stats:  Follower numbers have been rising steadily with almost 1600 people now following our NNNW page.  Our CDV e-hub also being used by many in our community who need to find something in a hurry!

Upcoming Days of Awareness include a National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence on 18th March, and Relationship Australia’s Neighbour Day on 27th March.  These special days remind us to be kind to each other and consider the effect our attitudes and actions have on other people. You might consider organizing some sort of event to celebrate these days and bring your neighbours together in the name of friendship and support.

A Safety Tip
If you move into a new home it is advisable to change the exterior door locks because you never know who might have a duplicate key!

Other relevant topics can be found here on our website.  We also publish Monthly Crime Report information in consultation with Tasmania Police.

NNNW – Your connection to a safer community.

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