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Neighbourhood Watch Really Does Make a Difference

The keynote speaker at the NHW International Conference held on the Gold Coast recently was Professor Lorraine Mazerolle.  Lorraine is a highly qualified and well-respected academic researcher and criminologist.  The subject of her presentation was Does Neighbourhood Watch Work?  Of course, the answer is yes – but Lorraine qualifies this affirmation with well-researched and accepted evidence.

2021 International Conference group

The most significant fact presented from the research was that the existence of Neighbourhood Watch in an area can influence the reduction of crime from between 16% to 26%. 

A motto used by NHW Tasmania is Good Neighbours Create Safer Communities and it was heartening to hear from so many experts that it’s true!  Community events facilitate social connections and indirectly help to reduce anxiety, fears and feelings of isolation and loneliness.  There is an epidemic of loneliness in our society. Community engagement activities have a positive effect on these symptoms.  During the pandemic of course, community events have often been cancelled.

Cuppa-with-a-cop events can contribute to building a sense of community and safety, and are also beneficial for the police as they confirm that they are valued and appreciated by the communities in which they work. These events take time and some effort to put together, but they are worth it as they result in greater connectedness within the community.  NNNW will continue to work towards the organizing of one of these events later in the year, so watch this space!

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