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November 2023 Newsletter

National Grandparents' Day
is 29th November 2023

It's a day on which we recognise the contribution grandparents make to families, communities, and the economy.

It’s a day for Australians to say ‘thank you’ to their grandparents or other special older people for their care and support, and for sharing their knowledge, experience, and traditions with younger generations. Many schools celebrate this day by inviting students’ grandparents to a school event where grandparents are able to meet teachers and other families, and see what their grandchildren have been doing all year. The role of a grandparent has changed over the years, with many taking on the role of Carer as parents both work outside the home and child-minding gets harder to find – or afford. Their contribution to the well-being of our children is invaluable. And we honour them and thank them for their love.

Violence against women and girls is not a women’s issue

White Ribbon Day was 17th November. This year, we are encouraging individuals to make consistent choices and actions to #ChangeTheStory for women and girls, so that they may live their lives free from the fear of violence. Some behaviours and words used often in our daily lives may seem ‘harmless’ but normalising them ignores the short and long-term effects on women and can lead to more extreme violence.

Violence against women and girls can happen anywhere and takes many forms – from sexist jokes online to harassing behaviours on the train. Some behaviours may be dismissed as ‘small’ or ‘low-level’ acts: sharing sexist ‘jokes’ at work or in group chats; catcalling women in the street; or harassing women on a night out. These all contribute towards creating a culture of fear and misogyny that encourages violence and abuse against women. In spaces where these behaviours are normalised, it can lead to more extreme cases of violence.

Family violence creates an endless cycle of fear, unless nipped in the bud. It creates huge issues for our society: Women become scared to live the lives they want as fear impacts their education and working lives. Children impacted by parents behaving this way, cannot learn in school and often go on to perpetuate the behaviour by becoming violent towards other women in their lives, or acting the way their mothers loved – in fear.  An endless cycle of fear and abuse.  This intergenerational issue needs to be stopped.

Have your say – Tasmania Police Survey

Want to help make a difference in your community? Have your say through the Tasmania Police Survey 2023.

Tasmania Police is undertaking its first community survey to help identify the issues and policing topics that matter most to the Tasmanian community.

The survey is open now to all Tasmanians aged 16 or older, it’s anonymous, and takes about 10 minutes to complete. The survey ends on 4th December.

Answer questions on topics including:

  • Your community safety and crime concerns
  • How you think Tasmania Police is performing
  • How you would prefer to engage with police and receive information (if you need to).

The survey is being managed by market research company EMRS and the survey results will be made publicly available in 2024.

Tasmania Police is seeking broad community input for the survey. Your responses will have a direct impact on how policing responses and resources are prioritised in the community. This is an opportunity to help make a difference to the future of policing and safety of your community.  

More information, including answers to frequently asked questions, can be found on the Tasmania Police website.

Learn more and fill in the survey at 

New Norfolk Neighbourhood Watch encourages residents to report ALL criminal activity, suspicious behaviour, and hooning or any other anti-social behaviour that impacts you, to police or Crimestoppers. Our facebook page is very popular and is a public space for residents to relay information or inform others of things happening around the town, including criminal or suspicious activity.  If you see someone prowling around your home, please report it to Police and let residents know by posting on our facebook page. Send us a private fb message if you prefer. Or you can email us on


IN AN Emergency… Call 000.  If a crime has already happened, call 131 444.  For anonymous reporting call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

NNNW – Your connection to a safer community

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