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October 2022 Newsletter

Mental Health Week

World Mental Health Day falls during October this year. The theme for mental health day this year is “Look after your mental health, Australia!”

Good mental health is when we can cope with the stressors of our daily lives, participate in loving relationships, contribute to our community, and work towards our goals. We can all benefit by looking after our own mental health and that of our communities. Find out more at:

world mental health month 2022

Connecting Derwent Valley
Have you logged on to our e-hub site lately? You may have noticed that we are now a directory of all support services in the Valley. If you need help in any way, you will be able to find it here! Check it out at

National Children’s Week
National Children’s Week is a national celebration that recognises the talents, skills, achievements and rights of children. This year, it will be held between 22nd – 30th October.
The theme for 2022 is: You have the right to food, clothing, a safe place to live and to have your basic needs met. You should not be disadvantaged so that you can’t do many of the things other kids can do.
To find out what activities you can join with during the week, you can go to:

Day for Daniel is on 28th October
This is Australia’s largest child safety education and awareness day. Held annually on the last Friday of October, Day for Daniel honours the memory of Daniel Morcombe. We ask all Australians on this very special day to Wear Red, Educate and Donate.
The theme for 2022 is brave conversations. Parents, carers, and educators are encouraged to start a conversation with children and young people about personal safety. Schools and early learning centres conduct child safety education activities. Businesses and community come together to raise awareness of child safety issues. For more information, log onto:

NHWatch and Crime Prevention Week
Keep an eye open for a Bunnings barbeque near you as we celebrate NHWatch Week and Crime Prevention Week between 7 – 13th November.

A Safety Tip
Create a list of what to do and what to pack in an emergency situation. This is the same process as when preparing for the summer bushfire season.

A good emergency plan has three parts: What you plan to do before the emergency to be ready; What to do during the emergency; and What you plan to do after the emergency.
Make sure your plan includes: how you will get further information about the situation; what you will do if some family members are not home during the emergency or you have visitors to your home; who can you ask for help if you need it.
For more information:

NNNW – Your connection to a safer community.

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