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Our Safety Poll Results

We would like to thank our many Facebook friends and supporters who took the time during April to complete our online Poll in regards to their safety concerns. Not surprisingly, the main issues within the community are motor vehicle related: hooning appears to affect most of our residents the most, along with motor vehicle damage and theft. 

Policing is also a real issue as many residents feel there is not enough police presence around the town and would like to see police permanently located in New Norfolk 24/7 and therefore available at short notice to attend any incident.

As NNNW, we encourage residents to lock up their vehicles every time they are left unattended – even in your own yard.  This means locking windows as well as doors, and not leaving valuables in clear site.  And please report each hooning incident to police, along with any photos or video you are able to take, or a description of the vehicles involved. The more often these incidents are reported, the more evidence the police can gather as they try to tackle the problem.

Further issues raised by responders include: trespassing, excessive noise by neighbours, illegal dumping of rubbish, drug-related issues and domestic violence.

NNNW will continue to address these issues by encouraging residents to report any suspicious behaviour to the police and producing articles of relevance on our Facebook page and website at  There you will find lots of information as to how to remain safe, and links to support groups who can help you in difficult circumstances. And please look out for your neighbours, especially the elderly who may not realise that things have changed over the years, and locking up your home and your car is definitely a good habit.

Safety Poll 2021 Results.

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