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Prevention is better than cure

Slips, trips and falls can happen to anyone; it is a fact that they become more common as we age.  We should not dismiss them as a part of ‘getting older’ or even that a person was ‘not paying attention’. 

The chance of tripping and taking a tumble as we age is partly due to the changes that occur naturally, as our bodies and brains age.

For instance; slower reaction times, poor coordination, impaired balance, stiffer joints, and eyesight issues can all contribute.  Unfortunately, some of these changes are not noticeable as they occur slowly over time.  How many of us have found it a little bit harder to get out of that comfortable chair, or to get up and down stairs.  A mat that has been in the same place for 10 years is tripped over because feet drag a little, or eyesight is not as clear as it once was.  No doubt, there are many more instances around our home that can cause a slip, trip or fall. 

So what can we do to minimise that risk.  That old adage “Prevention is better than cure” is the key.  Simply put – conduct a home safety check and remove potential hazards from your home and yard.  This not only reduces the number of accidents associated with slips, trips and falls for the homeowner, but makes it safer for friends and visitors as well.  All of which could be as simple as removal of a loose rug from the hallway or coiling up a garden hose to protect against a fall.

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