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September 2022 Newsletter

Crime Stoppers

Neighbourhood Watch Tasmania works closely with Crime Stoppers to help prevent and solve crime. This month Crime Stoppers have particularly asked us to reinforce their key messages about who to contact depending on the type of event you are reporting.

  • Life-threatening emergency or a crime happening now – Triple Zero (000)
  • Non-urgent matters or a crime that has happened to you – 131 444
  • Victim of a scam, or suspect a scam –
  • Minor traffic crash where you have swapped details –

Days of Awareness coming up

October is a busy month, with several events taking place, including World Mental Health Week from 8-16th October, National Carers’ Week from 10-22nd October, and Get Online Week between 17-23rd October.  National Children’s Week occurs during 22-30th October and coincides with the Day for Daniel on 28th October.  See our facebook page for links to associated websites.

The Family and Youth Action Network has a regular Wednesday program on TYGA radio from 12-2pm, so why not tune in to hear discussions regarding mental health and well-being, as well as some always-uplifting banter with Tim and Tanya!

Vehicles Clamped or Confiscated

The number of vehicles clamped or confiscated over the five-year period to May 2022, totalled over 550 throughout the whole of Tasmania, with each District’s statistics being more or less proportionally consistent with the District population (districts being Northern, Western or Southern Tas).

The predominant offence type which accounts for over two thirds of the vehicles clamped or confiscated is Evading Police (382 vehicles). Hooning is the second most recorded offence type (107 vehicles), then disqualified drivers with 47 vehicles. Exceeding the speed limit by at least 45km/hour totalled 22 vehicles, and Reckless Driving the final 2.

A more detailed research report on this topic is available at:

Stolen Motor Vehicles

We regularly remind readers of the importance of securing your vehicle, the contents and your keys. However, more than 1,000 cars are stolen in Tasmania each year. Neighbourhood Watch Australasia is currently running a Facebook project to Help Eliminate Auto Theft and you can follow their regular tips on their Facebook page at:

Safety tip

Whilst it is important to make your home secure to reduce the risk of burglary, you must be careful not to compromise your fire safety.  Make sure that you are able to leave your home quickly in the event of a fire by having door and window locks “keyed alike”.  One key should open all doors, and another key open all windows.  Deadlocks that can be opened from the inside without a key are strongly recommended by Neighbourhood Watch. If your deadlocks require a key to open them from the inside, leave the keys in the locks when you are at home. Smoke alarms should be installed in all bedrooms and between living and sleeping accommodation.

The Police are the Public, and the Public are the Police

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