New Norfolk Neighbourhood Watch

Suspicious Behaviour

Noticed any suspicious behaviour lately? If so, the Police want to hear from you. What you know, no matter how small it seems, might crack a case.

What is suspicious behaviour?

Any incident or circumstances that seem unusual or out of place:
Someone carrying items at an unusual time or location, going door to door without appropriate id, forcing their way into a locked vehicle, sitting in a car checking out the street or cruising the street repeatedly, is obviously behaving suspiciously.

If you notice lots of traffic going to and from a house every day, or someone being forced into a vehicle or showing unusual mental or physical symptoms, this needs to be reported. As does unusual noise such as yelling, alarms, gunshots, glass breaking, or dogs barking non-stop.

What do I do?

  • Think about the date, time and where the incident is happening
  • Call Crimestoppers or the Police, and answer the questions that you are asked (you can be anonymous)
  • Tell them what is happening, stay on the phone, and if it’s safe, keep watching and report what is happening
  • Take photos with your phone only if it is safe, and do NOT approach the person directly

Remember: A person isn’t suspicious – their behaviour is!

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