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Take Care on Winter Roads

Now that winter is truly upon us, here are some timely reminders to keep you and your family safe whilst travelling through our beautiful state.

Before you leave home, check the Bureau of Meteorology weather forecast, Tasmania Police Community Alerts road safety messages and if you will be walking or camping, NPWS track, campsite and reserve closures and re-openings.

Ensure that your demister and front and back windscreen wipers are working and your tyres are suitable for driving in wet or icy conditions. If there is a possibility of driving in snow make sure that your snow chains are in good condition. Pack warm clothes for every member of the family and start out with fully charged mobile phone.

Whilst driving, turn your mobile off or switch it to silent. Turn on your headlights so others can see you and use the windscreen demister to improve visibility.

Our roads are subject to frost and ice, especially early in the morning, so please drive to the conditions. Observe road warning signs and be aware of ‘black ice’ which cannot be seen and can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

Leave plenty of space between your car and the car in front of you and please be aware of wildlife, especially at dawn and dusk.

Stay safe this winter.

More information can be found on the Tasmania Police website at

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