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What To Do If Experiencing Family Violence

Call Triple Zero (000) if you need immediate police attendance or 131 444 if you wish to report by phone. You may not know whether the family abuse you are concerned about is a criminal offence or not, but that is the responsibility of the police to determine. You should tell any police about your fears for your own or others’ safety, and if there are any current circumstances that may make the perpetrator’s behaviour more violent such as family separation or child access issues. Your welfare, that of any children, and the safety of the community is the first priority.

You can apply for an Intervention Order which tells your family member that they must not use violence against you or your children. It can stop your family member from having contact with you, or state they cannot be violent towards you. You can ask the Court to include certain conditions eg. stopping them from visiting your workplace or your child’s school. Your family member will not get a criminal record unless they disobey the rules of the order.

Living free from violence is everyone’s right – Taking action to prevent it is everyone’s responsibility

Helpful numbers:
Family Violence Referral Line 1800 633 937
Kids’ Helpline 1800 551 800

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