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What To Expect From Police

Police have three main functions when responding to family violence: To provide safety and support to those involved; Identify and investigate incidents and prosecute persons accused of criminal offences; and assist in the prevention and deterrence of family violence in the community by responding to family violence appropriately.

Police will respond to and take action on any family violence incident reported to them, regardless of who made the report and how it was made. There may be sufficient grounds to make an arrest at the scene, or this may occur after an investigation and interview. Police can issue a Family Intervention Order wherever the safety, welfare or property of a family member appears to be endangered by another family member.

Police may refer all persons involved in family violence to appropriate agencies as part of the referral process. The referral process is in addition to any other action taken and does not replace pursuing criminal charges.

Living free from violence is everyone’s right – Taking action to prevent it is everyone’s responsibility

Helpful numbers:
Family Violence Referral Line 1800 633 937
Kids’ Helpline 1800 551 800

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