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White Ribbon Day 2021

This year, White Ribbon Day will be held on 19th November and the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women and Their Children, on 25th November.

The White Ribbon Day theme is ‘How Can Men Make Change, Learn, Give, and Take Action’ – Learn by Accessing training and resources about gender inequality and violence; Give by Donating time or funds to White Ribbon Australia by hosting a fundraising event; Take action by Becoming a White Ribbon Australia Community Partner, starting a Community Action Group, or getting your workplace White Ribbon Accredited. Or by just behaving in a way that promotes gender equality and acceptance of all.

Preventing men’s violence against women means stopping the violence before it happens. White Ribbon Australia works to address the social conditions which lead to men’s violence against women by creating a culture where such violence is completely unacceptable.  Their work is aimed at men, boys, and the wider community, and is driven through targeted education programs in schools and workplaces, awareness-raising, partnerships, creative campaigns, and capacity building through the creation of Community Action Groups.

The violence perpetrated by men against women must stop and it is up to men to stop it. Victims are not merely statistics; they are wives, sisters, mothers, daughters, and friends. Good men cannot and will not sit on the sidelines while those they love are at risk of harm.  Our generation can and must work towards stopping violence against women so that all women can live in safety, free from violence and abuse. To stop such violence, Australia needs men to stand up, speak out and act.

White Ribbon Australia engages men to highlight the role they can play alongside women to stop violence against women, based on the understanding that most men are not violent.  Only some men use violence. Most men share the belief that violence against women is never acceptable.  Men speaking to other men about violence against women is a powerful catalyst for change.

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