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Young people can deal with Cyberbullying

When participating in online discussions and communities, cyberbullying becomes an unfortunate reality. Cyberbullying is the use of technology to hurt or intimidate others, and if encountered, it is important to keep your cool and to adopt the right course of action.

The urge to respond or react to hate targeted towards you will often make your situation worse, and may even put yourself in trouble or make yourself a bigger target.
It’s always best to ignore hateful comments and to treat others like you want to be treated. Additionally, talking to people you trust can help you combat the isolating and hurtful effects of cyberbullying.

Today, most apps, games and social media platforms have features that enable people to report abuse and block abusers, both of which may help defend yourself and others against future toxic behaviour.

Taking screenshots is useful when someone is being nasty towards you, as it can act as evidence of their behaviour and may help you down the track. However if the material involves nudes, you should be aware that possessing or sharing such material may be
a crime.

For those under 18 and struggling with cyberbullying, a report can be filed with the cyberbullying team at eSafety who will help remove the abusive content and offer support to the victim.

Learn more about dealing with Cyberbullying including how to report an incident at the eSafety website.

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